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Whitewell Recruitment is an agile international recruitment company based in Belfast. We started in 2016 with Ciaran and Aga, and a few local clients in Northern Ireland. Since then we have grown to servicing our partners globally with a dedicated team based in UK and Poland. Our mission is to provide exceptional recruitment services by connecting organisations with the individuals they need and to be a preferred recruitment partner of their choice. 

Our team


Co-founder of Whitewell Recruitment, Ciaran started the company with a goal of building an agency that can make a difference in the recruitment industry. Previously, he has worked in various industries such as FMCG, gaming and trade unionism. This diversity has given him a wide scope of knowledge and understanding of different industries. His experience is now used to win new business for Whitewell Recruitment, and lead a team of head hunters to deliver on clients’ projects.


Having studied linguistics and European literature graduate Aga has an understanding of human nature which helped her build a great relationship with both her team and the candidates. As COO of Whitewell Recruitment she oversees the day to day operations and processes in the company. Her extensive knowledge of the recruitment industry is vital to the delivery of projects and overall customer experience. 


Whitewell Recruitment looks at recruitment in a progressive and creative way. Our focus is to actively search for the right talent who will perfectly fit into your organisation. The service we provide is always tailored to your unique specifications and needs. We believe in building your trust by being open minded, competent and transparent. Our terms and fees are negotiable and individually shaped to each project. 
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